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Absolute Rated Polypropylene Filter
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Flotrex AP

Pleated Filters with Polypropylene Microfiber Media

Description and Use
Constructed with gradient density thermally-bonded polypropylene microfiber media, absolute rated Flotrex AP (FAP) filters combine exceptional solids-holding capacities with precise micron retention ratings. The FAP filters are constructed of FDA acceptable high-purity polypropylene. FAP filters are absolute-rated for air, gas and liquid filtration with low pressure drop across the wide range of 0.65 to 40 microns. Sheets of melt-blown media are layered to provide absolute particle re-tention, high solids loading and long service life.

Typical Applications

GE Meatball

  • Prefiltration and Final Chemical filtration – broad chemical compatibility
  • Prefiltration of Pharmaceuticals and Biological
  • Fluids – dependable protection for final filters high Throughput for Beer Filtration

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Showing 1–20 of 360 results