Cellulose/Polyester Pleated Filters


Designed & built to handle demanding industrial fluid filtration applications and still offer significant savings over expensive OEM brands. All resin impregnated paper media are backed by independent ISO 16889 multi-pass test data providing nominal ratings from ½ micron up to 100 micron. Internal core collapse is validated by our own core collapse testing.


  • Media: Cellulose, silicone treated cellulose, cellulose/glass fiber blends, cellulose/polyester fiber blends, cellulose/water absorbent polymer blends
  • Adhesives: Plastisol, polyurethane, epoxy, high temp. epoxy, food grade epoxy, hot melt
  • End seals: Fiber, Nitrile rubber, Neoprene rubber, cork/rubber composite, Viton, EPDM, EPR, and Polyester felt.
  • Components: Electro-tin plated, Electro-galvanized, Aluminum, 304 S.S., 316 S.S., Epoxy E-coated, C.S., Glass filled ABS, Glass filled Nylon
  • Or we will custom design a product specifically for your application


  • Products are available to replace over 65 U.S. and international manufacturers
  • Filtering lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid, cutting fluids, machining fluids, coolants, gear oil, solvents, gasoline, chemicals, synthetic lubricants, fire resistant hydraulic fluids & process fluids
  • Cost saving option to expensive OEM brands


  • Due to the wide variety of lengths, diameters, and types pricing is not included. For a prompt quotation on your requirement please contact us.


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