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Pleated Filters with Hydrophilic Nylon 66 Membrane

Description and Use
Memtrex KM (MKM) filters are uniquely constructed for superior performance with GE’s Nylon 66 membrane. MKM filters utilize all polypropylene construction to assure chemical compatibility and applicability to the widest range of applications. MKM filters are designed to ensure maximum downstream cleanliness. GE Nylon 66 membranes are naturally hydrophilic, non-shedding and do not contain leachable wetting agents. Thermoplastic sealing technologies are used in the cartridge construction eliminating the need for potentially contaminating adhesives. Each cartridge is manufactured under strict production control and is individually integrity tested.

Typical Applications
MKM filters have excellent chemical compatibility making them the ideal choice for a broad range of applications such as high purity water, strong solvents, photoresists and other critical process fluid systems. Typical applications include:

  • Microelectronics ultrapure water filtration
  • Filtration of positive photoresistsGE
  • Filtration of organic solvents

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Showing 1–20 of 30 results