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Shawndra Filters has panel, molded end, metal end, accordion and sewn end filters.


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Shawndra Filters specializes in hand producing Molded End Elements that are rugged, with self-sealing polyurethane ends, not plastisol (PVC). They last longer, have textile media, not paper, that are cleanable, and have exceptional performance without lowering pressure. Shawndra provide high-quality replacements for dozens of filter brands including Dollinger, Consler (Graver), Solberg (SMI), Air Maze, IFM, Clark-Reliance, Sunshine, Sidco, NAFCO, Ingersoll Rand, Stoddard, Endustra, Atlas Copco, and many more.

321-1314K5 321-1317K5 321-1328K5 321-1381K5 321-1383XK907
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321-1469WK5 321-1470WK910 321-1476K5 321-1500K5 321-1501K105
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321-1601WK5 321-1604K5 321-1651WK904 321-1669K5 321-1673N108
321-1692K5 321-1733K5 321-1735K5 321-1736K5 321-1787K5
321-1815K5 321-1831K5 321-1865K910 321-1871WK910 321-1883Q30
321-1928K910 321-1930K910 321-2013K5 321-2013WK5 321-2085K5
321-2088 321-2092K5 321-2109N907 321-2240WK5 321-2710K7
321-2756WK5 321-3037K5 321-3236K936 321-2298K910 321-326K936
321-3283K907 321-3283K936 321-3239K956 321-3410K5 321-3975K910
321-4324K907 321-4381K200 321-4488XK5 321-4597K5 321-7303K910
321-7304K910 321-7305K910 321-7306K910 321-7307K5 321-7307K910
321-7328K910 321-7330K910 321-7331K910 321-7332K910 321-7347WK910
321-7349WK910 321-7350WK910 321-7351WK910 321-7353WK910 321-7406KV139

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Shawndra’s Sewn End Style Filter Elements have rugged metal baskets and hand sewn media in a design that has been proven over decades. These elements are constructed entirely from metal and textile media without any potting material or synthetic end seals. They can endure service in aggressive chemistries and/or high temperatures that molded end elements, or some adhesives used in metal ended filters, could not withstand.

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Our filters coalescing elements can eliminate mists and particulates from your air/gas pipelines. We offer several media options that are up to 98% efficient down to 0.1 Microns. We also offer media and core options that are compatible in environments with more aggressive chemistry.

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Shawndra’s accordion style filter elements provide rugged duty air inlet protection for engines, compressors, blowers, and other major air handling devices. With high efficiency and low-pressure differential, their 4×4 woven wire support screen is outstanding in pulsating flow services. These elements directly replace OEM accordion style filters on industrial blowers, engines, compressors, turbines, and other air/gas handling equipment.They are made of 100% polyester felt filter media, and unlike many other products, they are pleated to the full original fin depths; providing up to 33% longer life!

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