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Cost effectively providing performance and longer life
ZCore filter using Z.Plex technology

Description and Use
ZCore depth filters are manufactured using patented Z.Plex* technology. The Z.Plex technology product line.

  • A complete range of depth filters with variable micron level filtration.
  • Efficiency values and cartridge lengths for a wide range of industrial, commercial applications.
  • Incorporates small diameter fibers and an innovative 3-dimensional fiber matrix.
  • The filter matrix maintains structural integrity while greatly increasing the filter’s particle holding capacity.
  • Polypropylene support core enhances strength and temperature resistance. This unique construction allows for excellent removal efficiency.
  • High contaminant capacity and long life.

Features and Benefits

  • 90% rejection at various micron ratings improves yields; reduces raw material costs and provides more recyclable streams.
  • Greater dirt holding capacity lowers replacement costs, decreases downtime and reduces cleaning costs.
  • Improved pressure drop provides longer life in precision applications.
  • Withstands high temperatures, harsh conditions and provides additional strength for batch operations. This cored filter allows flexibility for input streams and the ability to sanitize using high temperature streams.

Typical Applications

  • Elevated temperature uses such as hot water sanitizing in food and beverage processes, process chemical streams.GE
  • High viscosity fluids that require the purity of all polypropylene construction.
  • Applications that experience high pressure drop.

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Showing 1–20 of 112 results