Tsunami Ultra Drying Systems

Tsunami Ultra Drying Systems – 10 to 30 Horse Power Systems Available  Tsunami Ultra Dryer
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Systems Include:

  • Built-in bypass circuit
  • 80 Gallon storage tank for the ultra dry air
  • Large Tsunami Water Separator and Oil Coalescing Filters to pre-filter the incoming air
  • Moisture Minder automatic piston drains for pre-filters
  • Outlet regulator allows for air conservation
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Global units sent outside North America have special power adaptors
  • Height: 71″(180.3 cm) | Width: 51″(129.5 cm) Depth: 27.5″(69.85 cm) | Inlet/Outlet: 1″(2.54 cm) NPT

3This system is engineered to give you down to minus 40 degree dew point air. What is unique about this system is that the air is dried and stored in an 80 gallon ASME receiver tank. This allows for higher intermittent flows without sacrificing air quality along with the additional volume of air. The system has a Tsunami Water Separator and Coalescing filter for pre-filtration with Moisture Minder automatic drains standard. Also built into the system is a complete system bypass to allow for maintenance without shutting down. The system has a one way check valve entering the tank so dry air will only flow out of the tank in one direction, where it is needed. There is also a high flow precision regulator on the outlet of the tank.

  • High tech molecular sieve will not disintegrate like silica gel desiccant
  • Up to 150 °F inlet air temperature
  • No post particulate filter needed after the dryer to stop desiccant migration
  • Great for mobile applications

Typical Applications

  • Automotive Paint
  • Medical Industries
  • Lasers
  • Sand blasting
  • Powder Coating
  • Clean Rooms Concrete Batch Plants
  • Automotive & Truck Tire Inflation (Alternative to Nitrogen)
Voltage: 110 Volts
Port Size: 1″ NPT
Max. Pressure: 175 psi
Max. Temp.: 150 °F
Flow: 40 scfm
Height: 71″(180.3 cm)
Width: 51″(129.5 cm)
Depth: 27.5″(69.85 cm)
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614.274.9069 | 800.815.4583 | sales@Filters.com

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Showing all 4 results