BIO-1.5: 1.5 GPM 120V 50/60Hz 316 SST 3/8″ NPT

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Ultraviolet Water Purifiers utilize germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce short-wave radiation that is lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Ultraviolet water purification is a unique and rapid method of water disinfection without the use of heat or chemicals.

The BioLogic® line is economical, compact and versatile. The unique feature on this unit – the feature that makes it different from many others being sold – is the rotatable heads. The flexibility of being able to rotate the head on either side of the chamber to match the existing water connection streamlines installation resulting in savings of time and money. This unit is designed for point of use installations (under sink) and can also be used to treat water in aquariums, boats, campers, etc.

Construction – BioLogic chamber is constructed of Type 316 Stainless Steel and is electropolished and passivated for an attractive finish and dependable service.

Quick Lamp Change – Exclusive Easy-Off Retainer Cap enables effortless lamp replacement without shut down of water pressure or drainage of tank. No tools required.

Dual Heads – Constructed of Type 316 Stainless Steel, heads may be removed and rotated and individually-oriented for versatility during installation.

Ster-L-Ray Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp – Germicidal ultraviolet lamp provides the utmost in quality output and longevity.

Fused Quartz Sleeve – Insures optimum lamp output at normal potable water temperature.

Surelite Ballasts – State of the art electronic ballasts specifically developed for the operation of ultraviolet lamps. Versatile, instant start ballasts provide higher lamp output and are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and operate cooler than magnetic ballasts.

Mounting Brackets – Allow for easier install to secure surface.


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