FCPE = Polyester Felt

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Is a nonwoven material that consists of short pieces of Polyester fiber that have been needle punched, which mechanically binds the fibers together. Although the felt is most often made with no reinforcing scrim, it can be made with it, which aids dimensional stability. Felt can also be surface treated with a flame, (singed) to improve particle release and media migration properties.

Polyester Felt is ideal for hot oil and other applications up to 325° F. This felt material can come plain (untreated felt) or glazed. Filters.com standard bags are made with a Carbon Steel ring, although Stainless Steel rings, and Polypropylene flanges are available at additional cost.

Although specialty Polyester felt bag filters can be made to your specification, Filters.com offers 4 Industry Standard Sizes.

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Showing 1–20 of 32 results