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Hurricane Premium Polypropylene Cartridge Filters

"Genuine Harmsco, Accept NO Substitutes"

Nominal Micron RatingCartridge Length

Hurricane Premium Polypropylene Features Harmsco Hurricane Cartridge Filters
  • 7 3/4" OD
  • 9 5/8", 19 1/2", 30 3/4" lengths available
  • Virgin Polypropylene Media and Support Hardware
  • Manufactured from FDA Listed Materials for Food Contact
  • 0.2um, 0.45um, 1.0um, 5.0um, 10.0um, 20um, 50um Retentions Available
  • Double Silicone "O" rings Standard. Endcap and core thermally bonded
  • Efficiency Ratings to 99.98% (Beta 5000)
  • Individually Shrink Wrapped
  • Pre RO and UF
  • Bottled Water
  • Food and Beverage
  • Aqueous Solutions
  • Organic Solvents
  • Machine Coolants
Pressure Drop vs. Flow RateHurricane All-Poly Chart

The total head loss data shown at right indicates pressure drop with Hurricane® 170 filter housing and Hurricane® All-Poly 170 filter cartridges in 5 different micron ratings in clean water. 

See the Hurricane Premium Polypropylene Specifications Sheet for more info.

21 Hurricane Premium Polypropylene Cartridge Filters
HC-PP-40-0.2 HC-PP-40-0.45 HC-PP-40-1 HC-PP-40-5 HC-PP-40-10
HC-PP-40-20 HC-PP-40-50 HC-PP-90-0.2 HC-PP-90-0.45 HC-PP-90-1
HC-PP-90-5 HC-PP-90-10 HC-PP-90-20 HC-PP-90-50 HC-PP-170-0.2
HC-PP-170-0.45 HC-PP-170-1 HC-PP-170-5 HC-PP-170-10 HC-PP-170-20
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