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String Wound Filter
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Micron RatingCartridge Length

Wound depth cartridges have been proven performers in fluid
filtration applications around the world for over 80 years.  With the
availability in four filtration media, four different core materials and a
variety of end fitting options, the Filters.com Wound cartridges
provide progressive depth filtration w/high sediment holding capacity.
Filters.com Wound cartridges provide economical solutions for
removing solid particles from liquids and compressed gases.
Cartridges are available in continuous lengths from 4” to 72” and in
both 2.5” and 4.5” diameters.
The recommended Max Change Out Diff Pressure: 30 psid (2 bar).
The recommended Max Diff Pressure: 60 psid (4 bar)

Max Temperature Limits
MediaPolypro CoreTin CoreSST Core
Polypropylene 150º F 180º F 180º F
Cotton 150º F 250º F 250º F
Fiberglass 150º F 400º F 750º F

  • Potable Water
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Sea Water
Model Code / Ordering Information
Cartridge Type Micro Rating Filter Media Length IN / mm Core Type Outside Diameter Options Special
DW-Standard 0.2 01-FDA Polypropylene 4.75” / 120.65mm 1-Polypropylene D-2 ½” Blank=Plain End S-Special
  0.5 04-Natural Cotton 5” / 127mm 3-Tinned Steel J-4 ½” E-Extended Core  
  1 06-FDA Bleached Cotton 9.75” / 247.65mm 4-304SST   2SD-222 w/ Disc  
  2 15-Fiberglass 10” / 254mm 6-316SST   2SF-222 w/ Fin  
  3   19.5” / 495.3mm     SPR-Polypro Spring  
  5   20” / 508mm        
  10   29.25” / 742.95mm        
  20   30” / 762mm        
  25   36” / 914.4mm        
  30   39” / 990.6mm        
  50   40” / 1016mm        
DW-10-01-10-1-D DW-10-01-20-1-D DW-10-01-9.75-1-D DW-1-01-10-1-D DW-1-01-20-1-D
DW-1-01-9.75-1-D DW-25-01-10-1-D DW-25-01-20-1-D DW-25-01-9.75-1-D DW-50-01-10-1-D
DW-50-01-20-1-D DW-50-01-9.75-1-D DW-5-01-10-1-D DW-5-01-20-1-D DW-5-01-9.75-1-D
DW-0.5-01-10-1S8 DW-0.5-01-20-1S8 DW-10-01-10-1S8 DW-10-01-20-1S8 DW-1-01-10-1S8
DW-1-01-20-1S8 DW-25-01-10-1S8 DW-25-01-20-1S8 DW-3-01-10-1S8 DW-3-01-20-1S8
DW-50-01-10-1S8 DW-50-01-20-1S8 DW-5-01-10-1S8 DW-5-01-20-1S8  
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