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Pressure Gauges

The easiest way to tell if your filters are doing the job is by having a Pressure Gauge in the inlet and outlet sides of the filter vessel. It will tell you:
  • If the filter is bypassing
  • When the filter needs to be changed
  • About how much life before change out is necessary*
It is important to use gauges with readings near the system pressure of your application because typically you are trying to read a relatively low differential pressure. It is also important to use quality, liquid filled gauges as their readings are more accurate over time, and easier to read. 

*You must develop historical information for this.

       301L Gauge           201L Gauge

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges

Description 316 SS Brass
0-100psi 2.5" Liquid Filled .25" Bottom Mount 301L-245E 201L-254E

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