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Klear Vitro Micro Filters - Beta 10, Beta 100, Beta 10000

Klear Vitro Micro Filters - Beta 10, Beta 100, Beta 10000
Klear Vitro Micro Filter Beta Rated filters give the filter user a benchmark to what the real efficiency is when filtering solid and non-deformable particles. The Beta Rating protocol is widely recognized as giving filter users the most accurate indicator of how a filter will perform in non-pharmaceutical applications.

You Choose the grade based on your application:

- Beta 10
(90% efficent)
Cutting Fluids, Inks.
- Beta 100
(99% efficent)
Lube Oils, Cutting Fluids, Well Completion Fluids.
- Beta 10,000
(99.99% efficent)

Wine, Bottled Water, Beverages, Electronics, Coatings, Syrup, Hydraulic.

Pleated Construction.
Borosilicate Glass layered with Spun Polyester web.
Engineered Pleat design for max. Filter life & Low Pressure drop.
Available in a range on Micron Ratings
Available in standard lengths 9.75” - 40”
Available in all standard end cap configurations
Four square Feet of Effective Filtration media per layer

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Beta 10 90% efficent Beta 100 99% efficent Beta 10,000 99.99% efficent
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