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GE XPleat GF Filters Pleated with Glass Microfiber Media

Absoulte Rated Glass Microfiber Membrane Filters
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Xpleat PES

Pleated Filters with Glass Microfiber Media

Description and Use
X-Pleat (GF) filters are rated by absolute and nominal micron ratings. With its Glass microfiber media and polyester support the X-Pleat (GF) is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and offers excellent flow rates.

  • Effective Filtration area per 10” length 3.4sq. ft. ( 0.32 m. sq.)
  • Thermally bonded
  • Polyester media support
  • ID 1.25” (31mm) OD 2.75” (70mm)
Nominal Absolute
0.2 µm 1.0 µm
0.45 µm 2.0 µm
1.0 µm 4.0 µm
3.0 µm 8.0 µm
10.0 µm 15.0 µm

Tables show further details on operational limits and flow performance.
All X-Pleats are sold in cases of 6 pieces only.

Typical Applications
  • General water services
  • Fine process fluid filtration
  • Processes that require excellent flow rates
Operational Limits
Maximum Forward Differential Pressure: 60 psi (4.14 bar)
Maximum Reverse Differential Pressure: 30 psi (2.07 bar)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 180°F (82°C) at 10 psid (0.69 bar) in Water

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30 GE XPleat GF Filters Pleated with Glass Microfiber Media
XPLT-GF-0.2-10-213-FLT-S XPLT-GF-0.2-10-222-FLT-S XPLT-GF-0.2-10-OEG-OEG-S XPLT-GF-0.45-10-120-FLT-B XPLT-GF-0.45-10-222-FIN-S
XPLT-GF-0.45-10-OEG-OEG-B XPLT-GF-0.45-10-OEG-OEG-S XPLT-GF-1-10-222-FIN-S XPLT-GF-0.2-20-OEG-OEG-B XPLT-GF-0.45-20-222-FLT-B
XPLT-GF-0.45-20-222-FLT-V XPLT-GF-0.45-20-226-FIN-V XPLT-GF-10-20-222-FIN-E XPLT-GF-1-20-222-FLT-E XPLT-GF-1-20-222-FLT-S
XPLT-GF-1-20-222-FLT-V XPLT-GF-1-20-OEG-OEG-S XPLT-GF-3-20-OEG-OEG-S XPLT-GF-0.2-30-222-FIN-S XPLT-GF-0.2-30-222-FLT-V
XPLT-GF-0.2-30-226-FIN-S XPLT-GF-0.2-30-OEG-OEG-S XPLT-GF-0.45-30-222-FLT-V XPLT-GF-1-30-222-FIN-S XPLT-GF-1-30-222-FLT-E
XPLT-GF-1-30-226-FIN-S XPLT-GF-0.2-40-222-FIN-S XPLT-GF-0.2-40-222-FLT-S XPLT-GF-0.2-40-OEG-OEG-S XPLT-GF-0.45-40-222-FIN-S
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