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GE WellPro.Z Filters

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Important Ordering Information
If you are ordering WellPro.Zs with standard ends (with no adapter on either end), select one designation

from each of the first three columns. Your Product Order Number will look like this: WP.Zs 01-19 1/2. If you
are ordering Purtrex Plus with end adapters, select designations from all applicable columns. Your Product
Order Number will look like this: WP.Zs 01-19 1/2-XK.


For Well Injection Applications with Z.Plex* Technology

Description and Use
WellPro.Z* is manufactured using patent pending Z.Plex filter technology and is engineered for well injection, produced water disposal and other oil and gas applications. WellPro.Z’s proprietary filter matrix provides unmatched performance in these applications.

  • Up to twice the life of conventional depth filters
  • Up to 50% lower pressure drop
  • Up to 100% greater dirt holding capacity
  • Superior protection of geologic strata
  • Optimized exterior decreases premature loading
  • Excellent temperature / oil resistance
  • Provides lower total cost of filtration operations

Typical Applications

  • Well injectionGE
  • Produced water filtration
  • Water flood / enhanced oil recovery
  • Brine filtration
  • Sea water filtration

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76 GE WellPro.Z Filters
WP.Zs 01-19 1/2 WP.Zs 01-20 WP.Zs 01-29 1/4 WP.Zs 01-30 WP.Zs 01-40
WP.Zs 05-19 1/2 WP.Zs 05-20 WP.Zs 05-29 1/4 WP.Zs 05-30 WP.Zs 05-40
WP.Zs 10-19 1/2 WP.Zs 10-20 WP.Zs 10-29 1/4 WP.Zs 10-30 WP.Zs 10-40
WP.Zs 20-19 1/2 WP.Zs 20-20 WP.Zs 20-29 1/4 WP.Zs 20-30 WP.Zs 20-40
WP.Zs 20-40-EHE WP.Zs 20-30-EHS WP.Zs 01-40-EHS WP.Zs 20-40-EHS WP.Zs 10-40-ESE
WP.Zs 20-40-ESE WP.Zs 05-20-ESS WP.Zs 20-20-ESS WP.Zs 20-30-ESS WP.Zs 01-40-ESS
WP.Zs 05-40-ESS WP.Zs 10-30-ESV WP.Zs 10-40-ESV WP.Zs 01-40-LX WP.Zs 01-19 1/2-XK
WP.Zs 05-19 1/2-XK WP.Zs 10-19 1/2-XK WP.Zs 20-19 1/2-XK WP.Zs 01-20-XK WP.Zs 05-20-XK
WP.Zs 10-20-XK WP.Zs 20-20-XK WP.Zs 01-29 1/4-XK WP.Zs 05-29 1/4-XK WP.Zs 10-29 1/4-XK
WP.Zs 20-29 1/4-XK WP.Zs 01-30-XK WP.Zs 05-30-XK WP.Zs 10-30-XK WP.Zs 20-30-XK
WP.Zs 01-40-XK WP.Zs 05-40-XK WP.Zs 10-40-XK WP.Zs 20-40-XK WP.Zs 01-39-YYP
WP.Zs 05-40-YYP WP.Zs 05-39 WP.Zs 05-60 WP.Zs 10-39 WP.Zs 20-9 3/4
WP.Zs 20-39 WP.Zs 01-30-LX WP.Zs 01-30-YYP WP.Zs 01-30-EHS WP.Zs 05-30-LX
WP.Zs 05-30-EKV/CORE WP.Zs 05-40-LX/NC WP.Zs 05-40-EHS WP.Zs 05-40-ESV WP.Zs 10-30-LX
WP.Zs 10-30-ESE WP.Zs 10-40-ESS WP.Zs 10-40-EKV WP.Zs 20-40-LX/NC WP.Zs 20-40-ESS
WP.Zs 05-50        
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