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GE Ro.Save.Zs Filters

Polypropylene Filter
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Important Ordering Information
If you are ordering RO.Save.Zs with standard ends (with no adapter on either end), select one designation

from each of the first three columns. Your Product Order Number will look like this: RO.Zs 01-9 3/4. If you
are ordering RO.Save.Zs with end adapters, select designations from all applicable columns. Your Product
Order Number will look like this: RO.Zs 01-20-EHS.


Z.Plex* Technology for Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment

Increase Your RO Membrane Element Life / Performance with ROSave.s

  • Designed for RO system protection
  • Performance optimized for RO pretreatment
  • Unmatched dirt-holding capacity and lifetime
  • Manufactured using patent-pending Z.Plex technology
  • Made of environmentally safe polypropylene for purity and ease of disposal
  • NSF-certified components

Pretreatment is key to extracting the longest life from RO membranes by removing membrane-plugging contaminants from source water”.


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86 GE Ro.Save.Zs Filters
RO.Zs 01-10 RO.Zs 01-19 1/2 RO.Zs 01-20 RO.Zs 01-29 1/4 RO.Zs 01-30
RO.Zs 01-40 RO.Zs 01-9 3/4 RO.Zs 01-9 7/8 RO.Zs 05-10 RO.Zs 05-19 1/2
RO.Zs 05-20 RO.Zs 05-29 1/4 RO.Zs 05-30 RO.Zs 05-40 RO.Zs 05-9 3/4
RO.Zs 05-9 7/8 RO.Zs 01-30-EHE RO.Zs 01-20-EHS RO.Zs 01-30-EHS RO.Zs 05-30-EHS
RO.Zs 01-40-EHS RO.Zs 05-40-EHS RO.Zs 01-40-EHT RO.Zs 01-40-EHV RO.Zs 01-30-ESE
RO.Zs 05-40-ESE RO.Zs 01-20-ESS RO.Zs 05-20-ESS RO.Zs 01-30-ESS RO.Zs 05-30-ESS
RO.Zs 01-40-ESS RO.Zs 01-20-ESV RO.Zs 01-30-FHS RO.Zs 01-40-FHS RO.Zs 01-19 1/2-XK
RO.Zs 05-19 1/2-XK RO.Zs 01-20-XK RO.Zs 05-20-XK RO.Zs 01-29 1/4-XK RO.Zs 05-29 1/4-XK
RO.Zs 01-30-XK RO.Zs 05-30-XK RO.Zs 01-40-XK RO.Zs 05-40-XK RO.Zs 01-30-YYP
RO.Zs 01-39-YYP RO.Zs 05-39-YYP RO.Zs 01-40-YYP RO.Zs 05-40-YYP RO.Zs 01-4 7/8
RO.Zs 01-29 1/2 RO.Zs 01-39 RO.Zs 01-50 RO.Zs 05-29 1/2 RO.Zs 05-39
RO.Zs 01-10-EHE RO.Zs 01-10-EHS RO.Zs 01-20-XS RO.Zs 01-20-YYP RO.Zs 01-29 1/4-EHS
RO.Zs 01-30-LX RO.Zs 01-30-FHE RO.Zs 01-40-XH RO.Zs 01-40-XS RO.Zs 01-40-EHB
RO.Zs 05-10-EHE RO.Zs 05-10-FHS RO.Zs 05-10-EHS RO.Zs 05-20-YYP RO.Zs 05-20-EHS
RO.Zs 05-29 1/4-FHS RO.Zs 05-30-LX RO.Zs 05-30-LK RO.Zs 05-30-FHS RO.Zs 05-40-LX
RO.Zs 05-40-FHS RO.Zs 05-50-EHE RO.Zs 01-10-XK RO.Zs 05-10-XK RO.Zs 05-39-XK
RO.Zs 01-40-B RO.Zs 05-17.125 RO.Zs 05-36.3-ESS RO.Zs 05-37.75-EHS-B RO.Zs 05-40-B
RO.Zs 05-40-XK-B        
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