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GE Memtrex Filters - Pleated

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BEV - Beverage
ELEC - Electric 
STERL - Sterilization Grade
GEN P - General Purpose

Memtrex-FE Gore PTFE Membrane     x x x x       x
Memtrex-FE-S Gore PTFE Membrane Sterilization Grade       x         x  
Memtrex-HFE All Fluoropolymer (HALAR) Pleated Cartridge   x x x x         x
Memtrex-HFE-T All Fluoropolymer Pleated Cartridge    x x x x         x
Memtrex-KM Pleated Filters with Hydrophilic Nylon 66 Membrane         x x x       s
Memtrex-MP Modified Polyethersulfone Membrane      x x x x       x
Memtrex-MP-B Modified Polyethersulfone Membrane-Beverage Grade       x x x x      
Memtrex-MP-E Modified Polyethersulfone Membrane-Electronics Grade x   x         x    
Memtrex-MP-S Modified Polyethersulfone Membrane-Steriliazation Grade       x         x  
Memtrex-NY Hydrophilic Nylon 66 Membrane     x x x x       x
Memtrex-PC Polycarbonate Track-Etch Membrane   x x x x         x
Memtrex-PM Polypropylene Membrane     x x           x
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