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GE Hytrex Filters

Nominal Rated Polypropylene Filter
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Micron RatingCartridge LengthEnd 1 AdapterEnd 2 AdapterGasket Material

Important Ordering Information
If you are ordering Hytrex Filters with standard ends (with no adapter on either end), select one designation

from each of the first three columns. Your Product Order Number will look like this: GX01-10. If you
are ordering Hytrex Filters with end adapters, select designations from all applicable columns. Your Product
Order Number will look like this: GX03-30-XK.


Depth Cartridge Filters

Description and Use
The purity and reliability of Hytrex* cartridge filters ensure consistent results, time after time. Thermally bonded micro fibers create a strong secure cartridge that traps particles throughout its depth. Hytrex combines efficiency, long life and purity to create a high performance depth filter.

  • Pure polypropylene construction
  • Fast rinse-up in high purity applications
  • Meets the requirement of the FDA Title 21 of the
  • Code of Federal Regulations 174.5 and relevant subparts of 177
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Automated packaging for a clean finished product
  • NSF Standard 42 certified

Typical Applications

  • High Purity Chemicals
  • Bottled Water
  • Pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis
  • Oil & Gas
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*Trademark of General Electric Company; may be registered in one or more countries.
©2008, General Electric Company. All rights reserved
**Viton is a registered trademarks of DuPont.
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NOTE: For no endcaps, don't select end adapters or gasket material options below.
600 GE Hytrex Filters
GX01-10 GX01-19 1/2 GX01-20 GX01-29 1/4 GX01-30
GX01-40 GX01-4 7/8 GX01-50 GX01-9 3/4 GX01-9 7/8
GX03-10 GX03-19 1/2 GX03-20 GX03-29 1/4 GX03-30
GX03-40 GX03-4 7/8 GX03-50 GX03-9 3/4 GX03-9 7/8
GX05-10 GX05-19 1/2 GX05-20 GX05-29 1/4 GX05-30
GX05-40 GX05-4 7/8 GX05-50 GX05-9 3/4 GX05-9 7/8
GX10-10 GX10-19 1/2 GX10-20 GX10-29 1/4 GX10-30
GX10-40 GX10-4 7/8 GX10-50 GX10-9 3/4 GX10-9 7/8
GX20-10 GX20-19 1/2 GX20-20 GX20-29 1/4 GX20-30
GX20-40 GX20-4 7/8 GX20-50 GX20-9 3/4 GX20-9 7/8
GX30-10 GX30-19 1/2 GX30-20 GX30-29 1/4 GX30-30
GX30-40 GX30-4 7/8 GX30-50 GX30-9 3/4 GX30-9 7/8
GX50-10 GX50-19 1/2 GX50-20 GX50-29 1/4 GX50-30
GX50-40 GX50-4 7/8 GX50-50 GX50-9 3/4 GX50-9 7/8
GX75-10 GX75-19 1/2 GX75-20 GX75-29 1/4 GX75-30
GX75-40 GX75-4 7/8 GX75-50 GX75-9 3/4 GX75-9 7/8
GX01-19 1/2-ESS GX01-20-EHS GX01-20-ESB GX01-20-ESE GX01-20-ESS
GX01-20-ESV GX01-20-FHE GX01-20-FHS GX01-20-FHV GX01-20-FSS
GX01-20-LK GX01-20-LX GX01-20-XK GX01-20-YYP GX01-29 1/4-EHS
GX01-29 1/4-ESS GX01-29 1/4-LK GX01-29 1/4-XK GX01-29 1/4-YYP GX01-30-EHE
GX01-30-EHS GX01-30-EHV GX01-30-ESB GX01-30-ESE GX01-30-ESS
GX01-30-FHE GX01-30-FHS GX01-30-FHV GX01-30-FSS GX01-30-LK
GX01-30-LX GX01-30-XK GX01-30-YKP GX01-30-YYP GX01-39-ESS
GX01-40-B GX01-40-EHE GX01-40-EHS GX01-40-EHT GX01-40-EHV
GX01-40-ESE GX01-40-ESS GX01-40-FHB GX01-40-FHS GX01-40-FHV
GX01-40-FSS GX01-40-LK GX01-40-LX GX01-40-XK GX01-40-YYP
GX01-40-YYP BAG GX01-50-EHS GX01-50-LX GX01-50-XK GX03-19 1/2-ESS
GX03-20-EHS GX03-20-ESS GX03-20-ESV GX03-20-FHS GX03-20-LK
GX03-20-LX GX03-20-XK GX03-20-YYP GX03-29 1/4-EHS GX03-29 1/4-ESS
GX03-29 1/4-FHS GX03-29 1/4-XK GX03-29 1/4-YYP GX03-30-EHS GX03-30-EHV
GX03-30-ESE GX03-30-ESS GX03-30-FHS GX03-30-FSS GX03-30-LK
GX03-30-LX GX03-30-XK GX03-30-YYP GX03-40-EHB GX03-40-EHE
GX03-40-EHS GX03-40-EHT GX03-40-ESS GX03-40-ESV GX03-40-FHS
GX03-40-FSS GX03-40-LK GX03-40-LX GX03-40-YYP GX03-40-XK
GX03-50-LX GX03-50-XK GX05-19 1/2-ESS GX05-19 1/2-YYP GX05-20-EHE
GX05-20-EHS GX05-20-ESB GX05-20-ESE GX05-20-ESS GX05-20-ESV
GX05-20-FHS GX05-20-FSS GX05-20-LK GX05-20-LX GX05-20-XH
GX05-20-XK GX05-20-YYP GX05-29 1/4-ESS GX05-29 1/4-FHS GX05-29 1/4-LK
GX05-29 1/4-XK GX05-29 1/4-YYP GX05-30-EHB GX05-30-EHE GX05-30-EHS
GX05-30-EHV GX05-30-EKE GX05-30-ESB GX05-30-ESE GX05-30-ESS
GX05-30-ESV GX05-30-FHE GX05-30-FHS GX05-30-FSS GX05-30-LK
GX05-30-LX GX05-30-XK GX05-30-YYP GX05-39-ESS GX05-39-XK
GX05-40-EHB GX05-40-EHE GX05-40-EHS GX05-40-EHV GX05-40-ESE
GX05-40-ESS GX05-40-FHS GX05-40-FHV GX05-40-FSS GX05-40-LK
GX05-40-LX GX05-40-XH GX05-40-XK GX05-40-YYP GX05-50-EHS
GX05-50-LX GX05-50-XK GX10-19 1/2-FHS GX10-20-EHE GX10-20-EHS
GX10-20-ESE GX10-20-ESS GX10-20-ESV GX10-20-FHS GX10-20-FSS
GX10-20-LK GX10-20-LX GX10-20-XK GX10-20-YYP GX10-29 1/4-ESE
GX10-29 1/4-LK GX10-29 1/4-XK GX10-30-EHS GX10-30-EHV GX10-30-ESB
GX10-30-ESE GX10-30-ESS GX10-30-ESV GX10-30-FHS GX10-30-FSS
GX10-30-LK GX10-30-LX GX10-30-XK GX10-30-XS GX10-30-YYP
GX10-39 5/8-ESS GX10-39-ESS GX10-40-EHB GX10-40-EHE GX10-40-EHS
GX10-40-ESB GX10-40-ESE GX10-40-ESS GX10-40-ESV GX10-40-FHE
GX10-40-FHS GX10-40-FSS GX10-40-LK GX10-40-LX GX10-40-XK
GX10-40-YKP GX10-40-YYP GX10-50-LX GX10-50-XK GX20-20-EHB
GX20-20-EHS GX20-20-ESE GX20-20-ESS GX20-20-ESV GX20-20-FHS
GX20-20-LK GX20-20-LX GX20-20-XK GX20-20-YYP GX20-29 1/4-ESS
GX20-29 1/4-XK GX20-30-EHB GX20-30-EHS GX20-30-ESE GX20-30-ESS
GX20-30-FHS GX20-30-FSS GX20-30-LK GX20-30-LX GX20-30-XK
GX20-30-YYP GX20-39 5/8-ESS GX20-39-ESS GX20-39-YYP GX20-40-EHS
GX20-40-ESE GX20-40-ESS GX20-40-ESV GX20-40-FHS GX20-40-FSS
GX20-40-LK GX20-40-LX GX20-40-XK GX20-40-YYP GX20-50-LX
GX20-50-XK GX30-19 1/2-FHS GX30-20-EHS GX30-20-ESS GX30-20-FHS
GX30-20-FSS GX30-20-LK GX30-20-LX GX30-20-XK GX30-20-YYP
GX30-29 1/4-LK GX30-29 1/4-XK GX30-30-EHS GX30-30-ESS GX30-30-ESV
GX30-30-FHS GX30-30-FSS GX30-30-LK GX30-30-LX GX30-30-XK
GX30-30-YYP GX30-40-EHS GX30-40-ESE GX30-40-ESS GX30-40-FSS
GX30-40-LK GX30-40-LX GX30-40-XK GX30-40-YYP GX30-50-LX
GX30-50-XK GX50-20-EHB GX50-20-EHE GX50-20-EHS GX50-20-ESE
GX50-20-ESS GX50-20-FHS GX50-20-LK GX50-20-LX GX50-20-XK
GX50-20-YYP GX50-29 1/4-XK GX50-30-EHE GX50-30-EHS GX50-30-ESS
GX50-30-LK GX50-30-LX GX50-30-XK GX50-30-YYP GX50-40-EHS
GX50-40-ESB GX50-40-ESS GX50-40-LK GX50-40-LX GX50-40-XK
GX50-40-YYP GX50-50-LX GX50-50-XK GX75-20-EHS GX75-20-EHV
GX75-20-ESS GX75-20-FSB GX75-20-LK GX75-20-LX GX75-20-XK
GX75-20-YYP GX75-29 1/4-XK GX75-30-EHS GX75-30-ESS GX75-30-LK
GX75-30-LX GX75-30-XK GX75-30-YYP GX75-39-EHE GX75-40-EHS
GX75-40-ESS GX75-40-LK GX75-40-LX GX75-40-XK GX75-40-YYP
GX75-50-LX GX01-5 GX01-10 1/4 GX01-20 1/8 GX01-39
GX01-250MM GX01-500MM GX01-750MM GX03-39 GX03-250MM
GX03-500MM GX03-750MM GX05-5 GX05-29 1/2 GX05-39
GX05-250MM GX05-500MM GX05-750MM GX10-5 GX10-20 1/8
GX10-39 GX10-250MM GX10-500MM GX10-750MM GX20-5
GX20-12 1/2 GX20-39 GX20-250MM GX20-500MM GX20-750MM
GX30-39 GX30-250MM GX30-500MM GX30-750MM GX50-5
GX50-10 1/4 GX50-20 1/8 GX50-39 GX50-250MM GX50-500MM
GX50-750MM GX75-20 1/8 GX75-39 GX75-500MM GX75-750MM
GX100-9 3/4 GX100-9 7/8 GX100-19 1/2 GX100-40 GX01-9 3/4-ESS
GX01-9 3/4-FHS GX01-9 3/4-YYP GX01-9 7/8-YYP GX01-10-EHE GX01-10-EHS
GX01-10-EHV GX01-10-ESB GX01-10-ESE GX01-10-ESS GX01-10-ESV
GX01-10-FHE GX01-10-FHS GX01-10-FSS GX01-10-LK GX01-10-LX
GX01-10-XS GX01-10-YYP GX01-20-EHE GX01-20-EXS GX01-20-LS
GX01-20-XS GX01-30-EYB GX01-30-XS GX01-40 1/4-ESS GX01-50-LK
GX03-9 3/4-YYP GX03-9 7/8-LX GX03-9 7/8-YYP GX03-10-EHS GX03-10-ESE
GX03-10-ESS GX03-10-FHS GX03-10-FSS GX03-10-LK GX03-10-LX
GX03-10-XS GX03-10-YYP GX03-40-ESB GX05-9 3/4-XS GX05-9 3/4-YYP
GX05-9 7/8-EXV GX05-9 7/8-YYP GX05-10-EHS GX05-10-ESE GX05-10-ESS
GX05-10-ESV GX05-10-FHS GX05-10-FHV GX05-10-FSS GX05-10-LK
GX05-10-LX GX05-10-XS GX05-10-YYP GX05-19 1/2-ESE GX05-30-EKT
GX05-30-EXT GX05-30-EYB GX05-40-EKB GX05-40-EKS GX05-40-EKV
GX05-40-ESB GX05-40-EYB GX05-40-FHB GX05-40-FHE GX05-40-FSV
GX05-40-XS GX05-50-EHE GX05-50-EKE GX05-50-XS GX05-50-YKP
GX10-9 3/4-ESS GX10-10-EHS GX10-10-ESS GX10-10-FHS GX10-10-FHV
GX10-10-FSS GX10-10-LK GX10-10-LX GX10-10-XS GX10-10-YYP
GX10-20-FSE GX10-29 1/4-ESS GX10-30-LS GX10-39-ESE GX10-50-ESE
GX10-500MM-YYP GX20-4 7/8-YYP GX20-9 3/4-ESE GX20-9 7/8-YYP GX20-10-EHS
GX20-10-EHV GX20-10-ESS GX20-10-FHS GX20-10-FSS GX20-10-LK
GX20-10-LX GX20-10-YYP GX20-30-EHE GX30-10-EHS GX30-10-ESE
GX30-10-ESS GX30-10-ESV GX30-10-FHS GX30-10-FSS GX30-10-LK
GX30-10-LX GX30-10-YYP GX30-30-EHE GX30-40-EKV GX50-10-EHS
GX50-10-EHV GX50-10-ESE GX50-10-ESS GX50-10-FHS GX50-10-FSS
GX50-10-LK GX50-10-LX GX50-10-YYP GX50-30-FHS GX50-40-EKV
GX50-40-XS GX75-10-EHS GX75-10-ESE GX75-10-ESS GX75-10-FSS
GX75-10-LK GX75-10-LX GX75-10-YYP GX75-30-FHS GX20-39-XK
GX75-50-XK GX100-29 1/4-XK GX100-50-XK GX01-10-XK GX01-10-LS
GX01-12 GX01-40-LS GX01-30-LL GX03-10-XK GX03-12
GX03-30-B GX03-40-B GX05-10-XK GX05-31-ESS GX05-32-B
GX05-49.25-EKB GX05-49.5 GX10-10-XK GX10-12 GX10-31
GX10-50-LL GX20-5 3/4,30MM GX20-6 1/2 GX20-9 GX20-10-XK
GX30-6 GX30-10-XK GX50-10-XK GX75-10-XK GX75-32-B
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