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Calypso Blue Filter Cartridges (Premium Grade, General Purpose)

"Genuine Harmsco, Accept NO Substitutes"

Nominal Micron RatingCartridge LengthGrade

Calypso Blue FeaturesCalypso Blue Filters
  • NSF 61 Certified
  • Engineered Polyester Cellulose Media
  • 4.5" Diameter
  • 9.75" & 20" Lengths
  • 0.35 to 50 Micron Retentions Available
  • Cleanable / Reusable in most Apps.
  • Nominally Rated
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Prefiltration
  • Cooling Towers
  • Food / Beverage
  • Drinking Water
See the Calypso Blue Specifications Sheet for more info.
24 Calypso Blue Filter Cartridges (Premium Grade, General Purpose)
HB-10-0.35W HB-10-1W HB-10-5W HB-10-10W HB-10-20W
HB-10-50W HB-20-0.35W HB-20-1W HB-20-5W HB-20-10W
HB-20-20W HB-20-50W WB-HB-10-0.35W WB-HB-10-1W WB-HB-10-5W
WB-HB-10-10W WB-HB-10-20W WB-HB-10-50W WB-HB-20-0.35W WB-HB-20-1W
WB-HB-20-5W WB-HB-20-10W WB-HB-20-20W WB-HB-20-50W  
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