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Arsenic Removal Filters

Hydra AS Series
  • Meets EPA requirement of
  • Auto shut off keeps unit from being overrun
  • Pre-assembled with faucet kit
  • Available in a three bowl configurations
  • ASM-1 0-HP arsenic removal media
  • Carbon / KDF Pretreatment
  • Media NSF / ANSI 61 certified
  • Made in the USA
Technical Data
Hydra 111-AS 3
Inlet - 1/4” Tube compression
Outlet - 1/4” Tube compression
Max Pressure - 75 psi
Max. Temp. - 100oF
Filter Housing - Polypropylene
Bracket - Painted Steel

Part#Filters.com Price
HY-111-AS $282.00

Treats up to 3000 gallons
Flow Meter / Totalizer
Meets EPA Limits

The Hydra-As is a complete Arsenic removal system. The Hydra-AS comes pre-assembled with a flow totalizer that automatically shuts the system down when the filters need to be changed. It provides safe, effective point of use removal of Arsenic, tastes and odors.

The Hydra-AS unit includes a faucet adapter kit and is available in 2 & 3 bowl configurations. Standard filters include a dual purpose Carbon / KDF filter for the removal of chlorine and organics and the oxidation of bacteria and arsenic. The AF-10-3695, Arsenic Removal filter uses ResinTech’s patented ASM-10-HP arsenic removal technology to exceed the EPA requirements of < 10 ppb of As.

Cartridge and Filter Housings are made of FDA approved materials. Filter Housings have been pressure tested to NSF 42 standards.

NOTE: This unit is designed to be used in water systems containing less than 50 ppb (parts per billion) Arsenic V As+5. The system is designed to perform at a flow rate of .5 (1/2) gpm. This system will not perform with flow rates greater than .5 gpm and Arsenic levels greater than 50 ppb.
Hydra-As series Replacement Cartridges
Part NumberDescription
HYK-003 Cartridge Replacement Kit for HY-1 11-AS (10" Arsenic pretreatment, and (2) Arsenic Removal Cartridges)

ModelH (in.)W (in.)D (in.)Bowl Dia. (in.)Flow (gpm)Total Capacity (Grains as CaCO3)
HY-111-AS 14 20 6 2-2.5" 0.5 3,000
Filters.com Price $282.00

Rated Performance for Potable Water*
Arsenic** < 50 ppb Sulfate < 100 ppm
Conductivity < 1000 micromhos / cm Phosphate < 5ppm
pH 6.0 - 8.0 Chlorine < 0.3 ppm
Silica < 10 ppm Turbidity 5 NTU
* For detailed performance ratings, contact factory with complete water analysis.
** Capacity based on Aresnic V (As+5)


Cartridges must be replaced as a set to ensure safe and reliable operation. Cartridge replacement occurs at flow totalizer set point or every 6 months, whichever occurs first. Review local regulations and consult with local authorities on the best method of cartridge disposal.

Hydra-As Series Replacement Cartirdges
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
HYK-003 Cartridge Replacement Kit for HY-1 11-AS (10" Arsenic pretreatment, and (2) Arsenic Removal Cartridges) $154.28
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