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Air Coalescing Filter Cartridge - Air & Gas

Air Coalescing Filter Cartridge - Air & Gas
Coalescing Filters are used for the removal of water and oil from an air stream. Coalescence (coming together) of oils occurs as the liquid passes through a layer of pleated media used for removal of particulate followed by passage through a layer of nonwoven glass or synthetic material. The nonwoven material acts as a trap for droplets that in turn combine with other droplets. As the droplet size increases gravity caused the droplets to drop to the bottom of the housing.

Coalescing Filters come in many different sizes and media designs. If you are currently using a Coalescing filter sending us the manufacturers name and part number will usually enable us to determine an equivalent filter.

For additional information please call 1.800.815.4583 in N. America or 1.614.274.9069 outside of N. America. You can also fill out the attached Cross Reference form and Email it to us.
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